[LB-370] Wide Field Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope

[LB-370] Wide Field Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope

The LB-370 Wide Field Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope with Adjustable Stage features a large viewing field without an eyepiece. Users can see sharp and stereoscopic images from the lens in microscope head. Built-in LED illumination provides bright and even light for comfortable viewing, brightness can be adjusted with the external power box. The microscopes are easy to operate and widely applied to biological dissection, electronics producing and inspection, minerals, historical relic restoration. etc.

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  • With high quality optical components, providing sharp and high contrast image at super-long working distance, super-large viewing field, large depth of focus, reduce the fatigue and improve the working efficiency.
  • With LED light, Providing even illumination and life expectancy can reach 60000 hours.
  • Various objectives are available, 2×, 4×, 6× objectives are standard, 8×, 10×, 15× and 6×SL objectives are optional. The objectives can be conveniently changed.

Technical Specifications


The LB-370 Wide Field Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope is of great value in a variety of applications such as education, biological dissection and industrial areas. The are mainly used for circuit board inspection and repair,  surface mount, electronics inspection, coin collecting, gemology and gemstone identification, engraving, repair and inspection of small parts. They are mainly used for following areas:

  • Electronics: PCB board assembling, inspection, repair and weld.
  • Precision project & Plastic: QC, Micro-welding, Micro-machining, Injecting.
  • Medical & Dentistry Equipment Manufacturing: precise manufacture and assembling, Fine Dressing, Color Matching, inspection and repair.
  • Biological and medical: specimen-making, dissecting, Dyeing, Microscopy.
  • Public Security System: Trace comparison, stamp and signature identification, bank note and other note identification and evidence analysis.
Viewing Head 2× high quality optical head without eyepieces
Objective 2×, WD: 208mm, FOV: 68mm
4×, WD: 98mm, FOV: 34mm
6×, WD: 80mm, FOV: 22.7mm
8×, WD: 58mm, FOV: 17mm (optional)
10×, WD: 46mm, FOV: 13.6mm (optional)
15×, WD: 50mm, FOV: 9.1mm (optional)
6×SL(Super Long working distance), WD: 115mm, FOV: 22.7mm (optional)
Total magnification 4×-12×
Illumination 3W built-in LED illumination with external control box

Column height 500mm, moving range 200mm, Base 400×300×20mm

Focus Coarse focus with focus knob on stand

Optional Accessories

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