[LB-861] Trinocular Gemological Microscope

[LB-861] Trinocular Gemological Microscope

LB-861 Trinocular Gemological Microscope is the microscope used by jewelers and gem stone experts, the gemological microscope is the most important tool in their jobs. LB-861 gemological microscope is especially designed to view precious stone samples and the pieces of jewelry that contain them. This microscope is equipped with multiple illumination systems to enhance the image of the samples.

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  • Offering crisp sharp and high resolution image with high bright LED point light, dark field illumination and even fluorescent light source.
  • It is a high level professional gemological microscope.
  • Designing with very good idea can greatly improve the working efficiency, it is also easy to operate and makes operators feel more comfortable.

Technical Specifications


LB-861 Trinocular Gemological Microscope is usually used to inspect the authenticity of gemstones and in the design, creation, and repair of jewelry. LB-860 gemological microscope is a precision microscope that are capable of inspecting diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and all other types of precious stones.

Stereo Zoom Body Zoom ratio 0.8×-5×, zoom ratio 1:6.3, working distance 115mm
Eyepiece Extra wide field eyepiece WF15×/16 with diopter adjustment
Bright & Dark Field Illumination Iris diaphragm 2mm-41mm, Bright and dark viewing field illumination are adjustable
Illumination 7W Fluorescent lamp
LED Point Light
6V/20W Halogen illumination, lamp can be changed
Focusing Focusing range: 100mm, it is suitable for observing different size gems and samples
Gem Clamp High quality steel clamp is perfect to hold the gem for observation from all directions
Stage At both side, there are two gem clamp fixing holds for you to choose
Stand 0-38°Rotatable, so the height and angle of eyepiece can be adjusted, easy to operate
Base 0-325° Rotatable

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