[LB-1930] Surgical Microscope for Neurology & ENT (Neural Surgery, Brain Surgery, Facial Features Surgery) w/ LED Light Illumination

LB-1930 Surgical Microscope for Neurology & ENT offers excellent optical features with high resolution, long depth of field. It adopts a combinative structure which is in fashion internationally and is suitable for examination and surgeries in several kinds of fields. The main microscope has a manual focusing system. In order to demonstrate or store the document, the beam splitter, observer’s monocular and adapter for CCD camera or CCD camera are for option.

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  • The main microscope can be inclined back and forth/ right and left/move up and down
  • Smooth six-step magnification changer
  • 230-260mm adjustable working distance objectives lens with Max. 24x magnification
  • Wide field 12.5x eyepieces with adjustable diopter
  • Fan cooled LED light source with AC 3V/10W
  • Continuous illumination control
  • Power off when lifting the spring arm
  • Green/yellow/blue filter in selector knob Plastic covers for the arm reduce the weight

Technical Specifications


Binocular Straight Binocular Head or 45° Binocular f’=160
Objective 230-260mm Adjustable working distance objective lens with Max 24x magnification
Eyepiece Wide field 12.5x eyepiece with adjustable diopter
Diopter adjustment -5D ~ + 5D
Magnification changer 6 steps: 0.3x, 0.5x, 0.8x, 1.2x, 2.0x, 3.0x
Total magnifications 6 steps: 2.4x, 4x, 6.4x, 9.6x, 16x, 24x
Visual field 8.5-78mm
Interpupillary distance 55mm-75 mm
Type LED 3V/10W
Diameter of illumination 65mm
Power supply AC 90-240v
Light intensity Min. 25000 LUX
Filter Green, Yellow, Blue filter in selector knob
Extended Arm 1250mm (max)
Elevation Stroke for Spring Arm 400mm
Rotation Angle 270°
Dust cover, 2 spare fuse, 4 pcs. hexagon spanner, mini-screw driver, brush, flannelette cloth, and instruction manual
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (Must be ordered separately)
Objective f’= 175mm
Objective f’= 200mm
Objective f’= 250mm
Objective f’= 300mm
Objective f’= 400mm
Integrated B/S & A/D Integrated
Adapter for CCD Camera
Observer’s monocular
Monitor HDMI monitor, LCD panel, 1080P resolution and LED backlight
CCD Camera LC-8

Optional Accessories

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