[RF-2950] Reflection Accessory ACC RF-2950 for Spectro UVD-2950

The Reflection Accessory is used as a special accessory for UVS-2700, UVS-2800 and UVD-3500 Spectrophotometers. It is applied to the examination of the reflectance and reflective spectrum of reflecting components and materials, such as mirrors, crystals and so on. “Specular reflection” means that the optical mirrors reflect instead of diffuse transmission according to Newton Law. That is to say, the incidence angle is equal to the reflection angle. According to Fresnel Law, the light will have polarization while reflection. The 5 incidence angle minimizes the influence of polarized light. The measuring results can be approximately regarded as the reflection of light projection.

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Technical Specifications
  • Incidence angle: 5º
  • Measured Sample Area: 11x9mm to 60x40mm
  • Wavelength Range: 190~1100nm
  • 4 Reflecting Mirror sets:
  • Reflecting Mirror set 1
  • Reflecting Mirror set 2
  • Reflecting Mirror set 3
  • Reflecting Mirror set 4
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