[LB-606] Portable Metallurgical Microscope w/ Magnetic Base, Plan Eyepiece & LED

LB-606 Portable Metallurgical Microscope is a portable metallurgical microscope, it has vertical light source, it is easily to be used in field to identify the structures of all kinds of metal and alloy when failure occurs in making sample. It can be widely used for identification of casting quality, inspection of raw material or metallurgical structures research and analysis of processed material in factory and laboratory, also can be used in antique gem and surface observation.

This product adopts a rechargeable LED illuminator, it is portable and easy to use. It can work more than 40 hours after one charge. The magnetic base is optional, it can be adsorbed solidly on the work piece, it is adapted to various diameter pipes and flat, the magnetic base can be adjusted from X, Y directions.

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Technical Specifications

Eyepiece Plan eyepiece 10×/18mm
Objective Long work distance plan objective: 10×, 50×
Total Magnification 100×-500×
Mechanical tube length 160mm
Focusing range 20mm
Illumination Adjustable LED light(chargeable)
Dimension 23cm*11cm*7cm
Weight 0.75kg

Complete set of the instrument

Microscope Body 1 set
Eyepiece 10× 1 unit
Plan Metallurgical Objective 10× 1 unit
Plan Metallurgical Objective 50× 1 unit
LED Illumination 1 set
Power source battery charger 1 unit
Magnetic Base 1 unit

Optional Accessories

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