[LB-283] LED Flourescent Trinocular Medical Diagnostic Microscope

LB-283 Trinocular LED Fluorescent Biological Microscope with Mercury lamp (with B&G filter, 0.5X C-mount adapter) has Innovative LED as fluorescence illumination source, provide an excellent image with easy and comfortable usage experience.

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  • Six-holes disk fluorescence unit, More fluorescence filters can be supplied
  • Reckless Wire Driven Mechanical Fixed Stage with focus lock is safer than traditional stage
  • Quintuple turret phase contrast unit with 10X/20X/40X/100X Infinite plan phase contrast objective for phase contrast and bright field observation.
  • Optional accessories.
    • N.A.0.9/0.13 Swing-out Condenser
    • Dark field condenser (dry) available to 4X-60X Objective
    • Dark field condenser (oil) available to 100X Objective
    • Infinite Plan Objectives




LB-283 Trinocular LED Fluorescent Biological Microscope with Mercury lamp (with B&G filter, 0.5X C-mount adapter) is specifically designed for the daily routine work in the demanding applications of education, pathology investigation, clinical and laboratory usage.

Model LB-283
Optical System Color Corrected Infinite Optical System
Viewing Head Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°, Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance: 48-76mm, Light distribution (both): 100: 0 (100% for eyepiece)
80:20(80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)
Eyepiece WF10×/22mm (Diopter adjustable), tube diameter: 30mm
Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective 4×/0.10,            W.D.=12.10mm
10×/0.25,           W.D.=4.64mm
20×/0.40(S),         W.D.=2.41mm
40×/0.65 (S),        W.D.=0.65mm
100×/1.25(S, Oil),    W.D.=0.12mm
Nosepiece Backward Quintuple Nosepiece
Stage Rackless Double Layers Mechanical stage, Size: 182mm×140mm, Travel Range: 77mm×52mm, Scale: 0.1mm, Two Slide Holder
Condenser Swing out condenser N.A.0.9/0.13, with iris diaphragm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing Knob, Coarse Focusing Travel Range: 25mm, Coarse Stroke 42.4mm/rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm/Rotation, Fine division: 2µm
Koehler Illumination 6V/30W Halogen Lamp with Field Diaphragm, Brightness Adjustable
Fluorescent Attachment 3W LED Epi-Fluorescence unit (Six-hole disc, B &G filters)
Video Adapter 0.5× C-mount (focus adjustable, used for microscope camera)
Filter Blue
Power Supply Wide voltage input: 100V~240V
Packing 1 carton/set, Packing Size: 755mm×340mm×440mm, Gross Weight: 17 kgs, Net Weight: 15 kgs

Optional Accessories

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