[LC-29] Cooled C-mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera for Low Light and Fluorescent Microscope

LC-29 Cooled C-mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera have adopted SONY Exmor CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB3.0 is used as the transfer interface to increase the frame rate. With the two-stage peltier cooling sensor chip to -42 degree below ambient temperature. This will greatly increase the signal to noise ratio and decrease the image noise. Smart structure is designed to assure the heat radiation efficiency and avoid the moisture problem. Electric fan is used to increase the heat radiation speed. LC-29 Cooled C-mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera come with advanced video & image processing application ImageView; Providing Windows/Linux/OSX multiple platform SDK; Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, DirectShow, Twain Control API.

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Technical Specifications


The LC-29 Cooled C-mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera can be widely used in low light environment and microscope fluorescence image capture and analysis, as well as the astronomy deep sky applications.

Model LC-29
Sensor & Size(mm) 7.0M/IMX428(C, G)
1.1 “(14.4×9.9)
Pixel(μm) 4.5 x4.5
G Sensitivity 2058mv with 1/30s
Dark Signal 0.15mv with 1/30s
FPS/Resolution 12@3200×2200
Binning 1×1
Exposure 0.1ms~3600s
Other Specification for LC-29
Spectral Range 380-650nm (with IR-cut Filter)
White Balance ROI White Balance/ Manual Temp Tint Adjustment/NA for Monochromatic Sensor
Color Technique Ultra-FineTM Color Engine/NA for Monochromatic Sensor
Capture/Control API Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, DirectShow, Twain and Labview
Recording System Still Picture and Movie
Cooling System* Two-stage TE-cooling System -45 °C below Camera Body Temperature
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature (in Centidegree) -10~ 50
Storage Temperature (in Centidegree) -20~ 60
Operating Humidity 30~80%RH
Storage Humidity 10~60%RH
Power Supply DC 5V over PC USB Port
External Power Adapter for Cooling System, DC12V, 3A
Software Environment
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 (32 & 64 bit)
OSx(Mac OS X)
PC Requirements CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
Memory: 2GB or More
USB Port: USB3.0 High-speed Port
Display: 17” or Larger

Optional Accessories

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