[LC-26] Sony sCMOS (20 MP, 15fps) USB 3.0

[LC-26] Sony sCMOS (20 MP, 15fps) USB 3.0

An Extraordinary Microscopy Camera, 20MP Cooled Camera, the LC-26

20 megapixels, capturing high-definition detailed images in one shot. Thermoelectric cooling noise reduction technology. Advanced real-time
image stitching and real-time EDF.

20 megapixels, capturing high-definition detailed images in one shot

The LC-26 s 1-inch sensor image can cover the most uniform central area of
the image plane, with a resolution of up to 20 megapixels, you can capture
the high-definition details of your samples in one shot.

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50 frames per second high speed video

With a guaranteed field of view, the FL 20 offers a variety of high-speed imaging modes that can be adjusted for fast focus and positioning for an
efficient image capture experience.

Resolution FL-20 CCD
20MP 15fps <1fps
5MP 53fps 4fps

Camera Specification

Product Model LC-26
Color/Mono Color
Sensor Model Sony
Quantum Efficency 84%@535nm
Resolution 5472(H) x 3648(V)
Pixel Size 2.40μm x 2.40μm
Sensor Size 15.86mm; 1inch
Shutter Mode Rolling
Read Noise <1e-
Cooling Forced air(Ambient at +25℃):-15 ℃
Frame Rate 14fps@5472×3648, 53fps@2736×1824
Binning 2×2, 4×4
Exposure Settings Auto/Manual
Exposure Time 0.244ms – 2min
Data Interface USB3.0
Bit Depth 16bit/8bit
Camera Size 85mm x 85mm x 100mm
Power Supply 12V
Camera Weight 1200g
PC Software Captrue V2.0
Operating System Windows(32bit/64bit)
Operating Environment Operating: 0-40℃  Humidity: 10%-85%

CaptureV2.0 Feature Function

· Real-time depth of field fusion
· Real-time image stitching
Modular function configuration
Intelligent 12-bit ISP color reproduction
Real-time fluorescence image synthesis and editing
HDR image synthesis
Micro-imaging-based intelligent automatic exposure
Intelligent flat field correction based on

dynamic calculation

Supports single shot, delayed camera
Automatic video and delay video generation
Output format selection
User parameter group save and load
Dynamic static measurement
Layered measurement
Customize measuring gauges, layers, precision
Customize image naming, style, save location
Implements drawing: points, lines, rectangles,  polygons, circles, arcs, angles
Data export as TXT or Excel
Report generation and printing

Optional Accessories

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