[LB-1960] Binocular Operational Microscope for ENT & Ophthalmology (Ophthalmic Microsurgery)

[LB-1960] Binocular Operational Microscope for ENT & Ophthalmology (Ophthalmic Microsurgery)

LB-1960 Binocular Operational Microscope for ENT and Ophthalmology (Ophthalmic Microsurgery) is a coaxial illumination binocular operation microscope for one person, compact, portable and flexible. It can meet general requirements of ophthalmic microsurgery.


It is portable, compact and is mainly applied in clinic, hospitals and mobile hospitals for Ophthalmology, ENT and areas like these.

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  • Binocular operation microscope designed for one person, can meet the requirements of general ophthalmic surgery.
  • Germany optical lenses are all multi-coated. Image is clear and view field is even.
  • 6°+0 coaxial illumination provides the red reflex, lens posterior capsule can be observed, so as to reduce the risk of surgery.
  • Radius of microscope arm increases to 1030mm, which provides larger operation range for the surgeon.
  • Universal structure/stand to support the microscope head up and down, left and right movement, more application area.
  • Position lock screw can protect the arm at any location from moving.

Technical Specifications

Eyepiece Magnification 12.5×
Objective Focus f=200
Working Distance 190mm
Magnification for Main Microscope 5.3×, 8×, 12× steps
Diameter of Field F37mm, F25mm, F16.7mm
Diopter Adjustment ±7D
Pupil Distance 50mm~80mm
Maximal Resolution 100 LP/mm
Illumination Source 12V/100W, cold reflection medical halogen bulb
Illumination Type 6°+0°cold light coaxial illumination
Coaxial Illumination ≥30000lx
Reaching Radius of Arm 1030mm
Adjustable Vertical Range ±200mm
Fine Focusing Range 30mm
Input Voltage AC220V±22V/50Hz±1Hz, AC110V±11V/60Hz±1Hz
Power 120VA
Fuse AC250V T1.25A, AC125V T2.5A
Electrical Safety Standard Executive Standard GB9706.1-2007 Class â… 
Packing Volume 0.24m3, 1 carton
Total Weight 51kg

Optional Accessories

1. 10× Eyepiece.
2. Table installation parts(holding stand, split column).
3. Video devices(1/2” or 1/4” CCD Camera, CCD Adapter, Beam Splitter and Connecting Cable).
4. Straight Binocular, Universal Joint(for ENT).
5. Portable packaging. Including three canvas bags and a luggage cart.
6. Magnifications and filed for optional objective lens:

Optional Accessories

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