[LB-1940] Operational Microscope w/ 2 Binocular for 2 Person (Ophthalmic Operation & Microsurgery)

[LB-1940] Operational Microscope w/ 2 Binocular for 2 Person (Ophthalmic Operation & Microsurgery)

LB-1940 Operational Microscope with 2 Binocular for 2 Person (Ophthalmic Operation and Microsurgery) is a new-developed portable and popular instrument. It can be used widely in the field of ophthalmic operations and ophthalmic experiments for medical hospitals. It is an essential medical instrument of ophthalmic micro-technology with excellent quality and a reasonable price.

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  • Wide visual angle, clear imageries
  • Coaxial cold light source; bright and clear in depth
  • With assistant mirror provided for two persons to operate together
  • Slight adjusting of positions by foot; light and handy
  • Convenient for operation and carrying about

Technical Specifications

Mechanical performance Stand up-down range
Spring arm adjustment range 250mm; motorized up-down range:50mm
Motorized up-down speed 2.5mm/s
Direction Adjusting Range Level ±180° Left And Right: ±90°
Longest Turning Radius of Cross-Arm 800mm
Maximum illumination of light source Not Less Than 15000LX
Bromine and Tungsten Lamp 8V 50W
Voltage Of Power 220±10% 50Hz
Double binocular with 90 ° position (Magnification of main microscope: 10x, magnification of vice microscope:4x)
Main Microscope Eyepiece:12.5x/22b, the adjustable range of PD: 54mm-75mm)
Balance Frame Spring arm adjustable range 250mm)
8v/50W imported Halogen lamp maximum illuminance: 30000 LX
Up-down foot control Motorized fine-tune up-down speed: 2.5mm/s
Power cable 220V ±10% 50Hz
Optical fiber
Electric Focusing cable

Package Information

Optional Accessories

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