[IN-3500] Integrating Sphere for Spectro UVD-3500

Integrating sphere is used to measure the diffuse reflectance of solid sample and powder, as well as measure the transmittance of the glass and membrane. Integrating sphere can analyze the chrominance, color difference, and whiteness. The optics principle light emitted by the sample accesses to the integrating sphere at angle 0 , and the reference accesses to the integrating sphere at angle 8 . Then, we can measure the diffuse reflectance of the sample at 0 and diffuse reflectance and transmittance of the reference at 8 .

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Technical Specifications

Wavelength Range: 230nm – 850nm
Spectral Bandwidth: 5nm
Detector: Photomultiplier
Integrating Sphere Diameter: 58mm.
Integrating Sphere Internal Wall: Bas04coating
Sample Incident light: 0º
Reference Incident light: 8º
Rectangle Incident hole: 10mm (wide) 20mm (high)
Exit hole diameter: 10mm.
Maximum Dimension of samples: 75mm (width), 80mm (height), 15mm (thickness)
Total reflection measurements: Standard conditions:
200mm. (width), 80mm (height), 20mm (thickness)
Scattered reflection measurements: 100mm. (width), 80mm (height), 15mm (thickness)
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