[GC-4500] Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Analyzer

[GC-4500] Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Analyzer

GC-4500 Gas Chromatograph Transformer Oil Analyzer

Transformer is an important part in electricity system. In the substation, whether main transformer can operate safely and reliably, will directly relate to the safe operation of the power grid. Transformer Oil plays roles of insulation, cooling and arc suppression in the transformer working. When a fault occurs inside the transformer, will produce such as H2, CO, CO2, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6 and other soluble gases in transformer oil, and transformer oil under different fault will produce different composition and content of hydrocarbons. So always checking the transformer oil has great significance for reflecting transformer running status.

The analysis method referred to EIC 567 Oil-filled electrical equipment –Sampling of gases and of oil for analysis of free and dissolved gases – Guidance and meets Chinese Standard GB/T 17623-1998 Determination of componental contents of gases dissolved in insulating oil by gas chromatography method.

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Main unit
Cost-effective and practical
Simple and elegant appearance, simple
operation, easy maintenance
High sensitivity and stability
Size: 492.5mm × 562mm × 550mm
Weight: 35kg

Packed Inlet
Items Specifications
Temperature range Ambient temp.+6℃ ~399℃
Air tightness ≤ 0.01MPa
Gas flow rate stability ≤ 1%

Column Oven
Large oven, double-door, fast heating and cooling
Items Specifications
Temperature range Ambient temp.+ 10℃ ~399℃
Ramps 11 (Optional)
Heating rate 0℃ /min ~ 30℃ /min
Temperature stability ≤ 0.5%
Programing heating reproducibility ≤ 2%


Items Specifications
Baseline noise ≤ 0.04mV
Baseline drift (30min) ≤ 0.2mV
Sensitivity ≥ 6000mV.mL/mg
Quantitative reproducibility ≤ 3.0%


Items Specifications
Baseline noise ≤ 2×10-14A
Baseline drift (30min) ≤ 2×10-13A
Detect limit ≤ 8×10-12g/s
Quantitative reproducibility ≤ 3.0%

Nickle based reforming furnace
Convert micro content CO,CO2 into CH4, then use FID to check

Special software for transformer oil analysis
Simple data acquisition and easy data processing

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