[FACA-261] Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer w/ 250 Tests/Hr

[FACA-261] Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer w/ 250 Tests/Hr

This automatic biochemistry analyzer comes with varying testing capabilities that conducts 250 tests per hour with true random access and 10 filters: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 700nm, 800nm. Additional filters can be added.

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  • Each set of FACA will come with one video to train in the installation, operation, and maintenance of the biochemistry analyzer.
  • Random-Access with open system.
  • 80 Cuvette positions, semi disposable plastic for min 30,000 tests/80 Cuvettes.
  • Cuvette Washing Station – 8 channels automatic washing station, 1 for detergent wash (connect deteregnt bottle), 2-6 channels wash by water,  7 channel for first empty, 8 channel for final empty
  • Reliable cooling system for reagent chamber – Peltier pad
  • Independent mixer
  • On-board refrigeration of reagents with independent switch [9°C below ambient temp.]
  • Automatic pre- and post-dilution.
  • External sample barcode reader, with positive identification of samples. (optional)
  • Primary tubes up to 16 x 100 mm and sample cups.
  • Preinstalled & validity limits for methods and reactions programmable.
  • Intelligent flagging system and extensive error log.
  • Reagent integrity check & extensive QC monitor.
  • Water consumption: 3 L/hr
  • Complete reaction curve & statistics for every sample/test-not only QC.
  • Dry incubation temperature control: ±1.0°
  • LIS software optional – must be purchased separately
  • Reads serum and urine samples
  • Absorbance alert provided when the Absorbance is abnormal
  • ISE Module available upon request.
  • All FACA Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers have 2 different sample plates:
    1. Standard sample plate for use with serum cup (serum order)
    2. Test tube sample plate for use with 13×75 – 13x100mm test tubes (that is optional)

Analyzer Type:

  • Fully Automated, Bench Top/Floor Top, Discrete, Random-Access with STAT functionality open system Clinical Chemistry Analyzer.


  • 250 tests / hour (without ISE)

On-board Samples:

  • At least 60 sample positions for Primary tubes & Sample cups and option for additional (20 20) =40 positions for Primary tubes & Sample cups.
  • Sampling volume: 2 to 300 µl
  • Automatic Pre-dilution & Post-dilution of samples.
  • Max 30 different parameters can be performed simultaneously.

On-board Reagents:

  • Min 40 positions with on board refrigeration at 9 °C below ambient temp with independent switch for 24 hours reagent cooling even if the machine fails to run.
  • Reagent (R1-R2) Volume: 5 to 350µl

Optical Unit:

  • Wavelength Spectral Range:340-900 nm (extendable)
  • 8 positions filter wheel with 7 pre-installed supplied filters & 01 free position.
  • 8 filter with 340-900nm
  • Absorption Range (Linearity):0.000 to 2.500 Abs
  • Accuracy:  ± 2 nm (wavelength)
  • Band Pass Precision: ±5 mm

Reaction Unit:

  • Reaction Volume:210-350 µl
  • Reaction wells positions: 80 Cuvette positions, semi disposable [> 30,000 tests].
  • Incubation temperature & Time: 37°C ± 0.2°C & 792 sec. max. incubation including reading time.

Wash station:

  • 8-step wash station with 8 dispensing needles
  • Two types of Systemic (20L) & special washing solution (2L) and 20L waste with level sensor.
  • 2nd cleaning solution & extra washing definable in method.
  • Water consumption: max  3 L/hr

Liquid Handling:                                                     

  • Liquid transportation through pipetting arm with capacitive liquid level sensors.
  • Needle shock detector & vertical collusion detection for probe.


  • Measuring modes: Routine chemistry, Turbidimetry.
  • Analysis modes: End Point (bichromatic) & Differential end point with self blank, Fixed Time & Kinetic (Bichromatic).
  • Calculation modes: Factor, Multi Standard, Single Standard.
  • Calculation algorithms: Linear (factor, linear, linear regression, average) & Non linear (cubic spline, poly-linear, logit-log).
  • Programmable Test: 50 active Programmable Test methods on instrument with unlimited programmable profiles.
  • Standard Calibration Method: Up to 8 calibrator standards per test.

Data Processing & Quality Control (QC):

  • Memory capacity:  Storage in HDD
  • Memory: For Sample results, calibration, patient data, QC data, error-log, absorbance curves.
  • Reports: For Patient, single test, complete sample, work sheet, method and QC´s, calibration curves, kinetics, continuous printing.
  • QC Level: Up to max 3 levels per test
  • QC Module: Levey-Jennings plots, Westgard multirules, SD, CV% & Mean.
  • Warnings: Analytical limits, reagent and reaction integrity check (blank, linearity, substrate depletion, reaction OD etc) with extensive QC monitor.

Unique versatile user software:

  • New versatile touch screen user software with intuitive smart graphical user interface.
  • Extended walk-away capability with free choice of execution order.
  • ASTM Bi-directional LIS, Ethernet of external PC, polling mode on LAN.


  • The FACA-261 provides testing for a wide range of reagents. Please contact us for a complete list.

Test Tubes:

  • Can use test tubes 13x75mm


  40-type Reagent bottle 1 50Pcs
  Reagent bottle 2 & with holder 20Pcs
  Cuvette 100pcs
  Sample Cup 1000pcs
  Detect probe 1 Set
  Sample probe 1 Pcs
Wire package Power cable 1 Pc
  RS232 Com Cable 1 Pcs
  Ground cable Use your local supplier
  Sensor 1 Pcs
Tube package Tube 1 Set
  Sinkage block 1 Pcs
Accessory package Fixed Buckle 2 Set
  Black cup 1 Pcs
  Tool 1 Set
  8A Fuse 4 Pcs
  12V20W/Lamp with holder 1 Pcs
  User manual 1 Pcs
  Operation software 1 Pcs
  Screw cap 20 Pcs


  Liver Function  
Rg1 Alanine Aminotransferase ALT/GPT
  Aspartate Aminotransferase AST/GOT
  y-Glutamyltransferase y-GT/GGT
  Alkaline Phosphatase ALP/AKP
  Direct Bilirubin* DBILI
  Total Protein* TP
  Albumin* ALB
  Renal function  
  Urea* UREA
  Creatinine* CREA
  Uric Acid* UA
  Blood Fat  
  Cholesterol* CHOL
  Triglycerides* TG
  High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol HDL-C
  Cardiac Muscle  
  Creatine Kinase CK
  Calcium* Ca
  Inorganic Phosphorus* p
  Magnesium* Mg
  Iron* Fe
  Glucose* GLU
  Glucose* GLU

  FACA €“ Lamp LAMP
  FACA- Stirring -Probe Stirring Probe
  FACA- Sample -Probe Sample Probe
  Reagent Probe Reagent Probe
  FACA Reagent -Cuvettes Reagent -Cuvettes
  FACA Sample Cuvettes Serum Cuvettes Sample
  FACA Reagent -Bottles Reagent -Bottles
  FACA €“ Fuse  

Additional information

Dimensions 85 × 75 × 75 cm
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