[FTIR-9500 ] Fourier Infrared Spectrometer

FTIR-9500 Fourier infrared spectrometer of Labomed Inc. introduce foreign advanced technology, and independent research and development of a cost-effective meticulously Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, which can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, petrochemical, jewelry, polymers, semiconductors, and materials science, and other industries, expand function is strong, can connect all kinds of conventional transmission, diffuse, ATR attenuated total reflection, non-contact accessories such as external reflection, both used in colleges and universities, research institutions, and is used in the industrial applications of QA/QC analysis, FTIR-9500 will be your perfect choice.

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  • Intelligent human-computer interaction design, whether you have been used about Fourier infrared software or not, can be quickly and skillfully operated;
  • Equipped with intelligent humidity automatic remind device, reduce the workload of operators of equipment maintenance, electronic humidity digital visual display function, automatically remind user to replace desiccant, solve in the course of using the infrared biggest hidden danger;
  • Interferometer: the latest maglev plane mirror electromagnetic driver, with 3d laser control, continuous automatic adjustment and DSP digital control, automatic optimization system energy, without manual adjustment.
  • Beam splitter: imported KBr substrate plating germanium.
  • Receiver: imported high performance DLATGS detector with moisture-proof film, which can be automatically identified by the instrument, is superior to the 24-bit high precision A/D converter of 500KHz to ensure fast and accurate collection of spectral data.
  • Data transmission interface: standard USB2.0 high-speed two-way communication
  • Support system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Stronger software function: with self-diagnosis function, the instrument state and test parameters are ensured to be correct; Strong data processing and analysis software, easy to handle peak marking, peak area integration, baseline calibration and other operations;
    • Infrared software: Chinese language 32 bit processing software.
    • Including: infrared control, spectral processing, data conversion, multicomponent quantitative and other operating software; H2O/CO2 automatic compensation software, self-inspection software; Macro software;
  • Hardware real-time online diagnosis: hardware real-time online diagnosis: continuously and online monitoring of all optical components (laser, light source, detector, beam splitter); Ensure the instrument is always in the best working condition.
  • The software H2O/CO2 automatic compensation software will automatically remove water and carbon dioxide from the air. The whole sealing and drying design of the optical platform improves the transmission efficiency of light, and has excellent moisture-proof effect. It can adapt to various operating environments and reduce the influence of air absorption.
  • FTIR-9500 Fourier infrared spectrometer with analysis software and can assemble standard transmission accessories, such as sample preparation accessories for liquid poolsor KBr pressure plates. The sample warehouse can facility the installation of ATR accessories, accelerate sample preparation time, shorten cleaning time, and expand the function of the instrument.
  • It is equipped with a professional data analysis system of infrared spectrogram, automatic spectrogram retrieval and analysis of unknown samples, and can establish its own spectrogram database.
  • Light source: long-life, high-energy air-cooled medium infrared light source, pre-alignment, accurate positioning, external wireless access to the light source without opening the optical cover. No tool adjustment, 3 seconds to achieve stability. Exclusive with automatic sleep function, improve the life of light source.
  • Permanent collimation path: the optical platform adopts the design of permanent collimation path. All components adopt pin positioning mode, namely plug and play, which allows users to install and easily replace optical components. The optical mirror uses the whole cutting diamond.


Specification FTIR-9500
FTIR-9500 Spectrometer With KBr Beamsplitter; DLATGS Detector
Spectral Range: 7800 to 350cm-1
Resolution: 1.0cm-1
SNR: 30,000:1, p-p noise for 1 min scan,0.4cm-1
Wavenumber Precision: ±0.01cm-1
The FTIR-9500 spectrometer, based on anew Michelson interferometer, Multi-Layer Ge coated KBr optics and a High Performanced DTGS detector.
High Sensitivity and Stability
Spectrum 10 Version Software
Intelligent Real-time Monitoring of Instrument Status
Size: 500 mmx 420 mm x 210mm; 24Kg
FTIR Software included
Main unit control, spectrum dealt, data calculation and multi-content quantity;
H2O/CO2 automatic compensation method and calibration ;
 Macro program

Optional Accessories

    Cell Assembly
    KBr Windows (pair) for Liquids
    CaF2 Windows (pair) for Liquids
    Assored Spacers0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5mm, One of Each
    Pestle and Mortar
    KBr Powder (100g)
    15T Manual Hydraulic Press
    13mm Evacuable Pellet Die, diameter13mm, 0.1-0.5 depth
    13mm Disc Holder with Rectangular Mount.
  3. Single Reflection ATR with ZnSe FlatCrystal Top Plate
  4. Standard Polystyeren
  5. Pallete Knife
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