[LB-271] Biological Trinocular Microscope w/ Infinite Optical System Plan Achromatic

[LB-271] Biological Trinocular Microscope w/ Infinite Optical System Plan Achromatic

LB-271 Biological Trinocular Microscope with Infinite Optical System (Anti-Fungus) Plan Achromatic is a microscope that is economic, practical and easy to operate. These microscopes adopt LED illumination, which can save energy and have a long working life. It is also very comfortable for observation. These microscopes are widely used in educational, academic, agricultural and study field. With a microscope adapter, a digital camera (or digital eyepiece) can be plugged into the trinocular tube or the eyepiece tube. The rechargeable battery is optional for outdoors operation or places that power supply is not stable.

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  • Excellent image quality with infinite optical system.
  • Comfortable operating with ergonomic design.
  • Better illumination with sliding-in centerable condenser, convenient to replace phase contrast and dark field condenser.
  • Advanced design of mechanical stage structure prevents the scratches of users.

Technical Specifications


This microscope is ideally suited for school biological education and medical analyses areas to observe all kinds of slides.
They can be widely used in clinics, hospitals, schools, academic labs and scientific research departments.

Optical System

Infinite Optical System

Viewing Head

Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined at 30°, 360° Rotatable, Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm

Eyepiece WF10×/18mm
Objective Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective 4×, 10×, 40×, 100× (Oil)

Quadruple Nosepiece (this microscope can be supplied with a quintuple nosepiece)

Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage 132×142mm/ 75×40mm

Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Fine Division 0.002mm, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm per Rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per Rotation, Moving Range 20mm

Condenser Abbe NA 1.25 with Iris Diaphragm
Illumination S-LED illumination, Brightness Adjustable
Package 1pc/carton, 32cm*26cm*44cm, 6kg

Optional Accessories

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