[AAS-4200] Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Fully Automated Flame & Graphite Furnace System

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[AAS-4200] Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Fully Automated Flame & Graphite Furnace System

The AAS-4200 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Fully Automated Flame & Graphite Furnace System is a high performance automated instrument designed to meet the requirements of the modern laboratory. Due to its versatility and performance it can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Agricultural
  • Environmental
  • Metal
  • Geological
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clinical
  • Food
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical

AAS-4200 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Fully Automated Flame & Graphite Furnace System is equipped with both Flame Atomiser and Graphite Atomiser as described above. Both configurations are installed into the instrument and can be changed over by a simple selection in the versatile AA- Win 3.0 software.

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Features and Functions


The flame atomiser offers three flame options:
Air/acetylene is the standard configuration with the N2O/acetylene and Air/LPG as options.

The Air/Acetylene flame uses a 100mm single slot burner for the standard configuration.
The high sensitivity (Cu 2ppm >0.280abs) is due to the efficiency of the fixed position glass nebuliser fitted as standard. An acid resistant replacement is available as an option.
The flame can be easily set from blue lean flame through stoichiometric to fuel rich by means of com-puter control.

The N2O/Acetylene flame uses a 50mm single slot burner and is available as an optional extra.
This flame configuration is used to measure elements less prone to ionization such as: Aluminium, Tin, Titanium, Calcium, Vanadium and Molybdenum.
Switching from Air/Acetylene to N2O/Acetylene to Flame Off is fully controlled by the AAWin3.0 software.

This flame uses a 3 slot burner and with the Iow pres-sure requirement it is also much safer to operate.
Due to the Iow temperature of the flame it is ideal for analysing alkali metals such as: Potassium, Sodium and Lithium, especially when used in the emission mode.

Some remote areas of the world have difficulty obtain-ing Acetylene gas of a high enough purity to operate the flame correctly, LPG can give a real alternative and offer comparable results for most elements throughout the wavelength range.


  • PC System is used to control the instrument. Pre-installed AA-Win 3.0 software, user manuals, cook book and Windows operating system.
    AA-Win 3.0 software provides full control of the in-strument and autosampler with easy method change for each technique.
  • Automatic 8 Hollow Cathode lamp turret controlled and optimised by the AA-Win 3.0 software. Operating lamp current and warm-up lamp current can be individually controlled to eliminate drift commonly associated with lamp warming.
  • D2 lamp background correction system fitted as stan-dard to all configurations. High energy D2 lamp and adjustable beam splitter mirror are optimised by the AA-Win 3.0 software.
  • Self Reversal background correction system fitted as standard to all configurations. The high performance background system uses the same hollow cathode lamp as installed for the analysis. Minimum extra components are required and optical alignment is very simple. Self Reversal can be used for any element at any wavelength making it extremely versatile.
  • High precision minimal optics ensures maximum light throughput to the computer controlled Czerny-Turner monochromator.
    A universal autosampler is available as an optional accessory which is conveniently mounted on the front of the AAS-4200 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Graphite Furnace instrument.
  • Absorption and Emission modes are standard features in the AA-Win3.0 software as well as peak height, peak area, sequential and manual integration modes.


  • Pressure monitoring for all gases
  • Burner Identification
  • Flame sensor
  • Drain Trap level Sensor
  • Gas Leak Detector
  • Over Pressurein Premix
  • Safety Cut off Switch


  • The integrated Graphite Furnace Atomiser is available in AAS-4200.
  • In the AAS-4200 instrument the graphite furnace head is fixed behind the flame atomiser assembly and is motorised into position by a simple operation in the AA-Win3.0 software. The positions for the flame and graphite are saved making it easy to swap between modes for different analysis.


  • The temperature of the transversely heated graphite tube is accurately controlled by means of a precision feedback sys-tem and has been designed to reduce analytical problems normally associated with this type of technique.
  • Pyrolytically coated graphite tubes are used as standard and are manufactured to improve performance as well as increase the analytical life.
  • Platform graphite tubes are supplied as standard and will accept volumes up to 20ul. Non-platform graphite tubes are also available as an optional extra.
  • Up to 10 heat stages are available for the programming of the graphite atomiser. These can be set and stored within the AA-Win3.0 software.
  • The graphite tube is held in position by means of a gas piston. Replacement of the graphite tube is performed by a simple command in the AA-Win Software.
  • The graphite tube is efficiently cooled by an additional water circulation system (supplied separately).


  • Argon Gas pressure Sensor
  • Water flow sensor
  • Over Temperature Sensor
  • Broken graphite tube protection

Technical Specifications

Spectrometer System
Wavelength range 185nm -910nm
Light Source Hollow cathode lamp (HCL), Deuterium Arc lamp (D2)
Modulation Square Wave Pulse
Modulation frequency 100Hz Self reversal (SR) background, 400Hz Deuterium Arc (D2) background
Grating 1800 grooves/mm diffraction grating
Blazed Wavelength 250nm
Focus 300nm
Bandwidth 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.0nm, 2.0nm (Software selectable)
Scan mode Automatic
Photometric Type Single Beam
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.15nm
Wavelength Resolution 0.2nm ± 0.02nm
Wavelength Reproducibility < 0.05nm
Baseline Stability 0.005Abs/30min
Background Correction Deuterium Arc (D2) 1.0Abs, Self Reversal (SR) 3.0Abs
Flame Analysis
Flame Types Air/Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene, Air/Propane (LPG)
Sensitivity (Cu) 2ug/ml Absorption >0.28Abs
Characteristic Concentration Cu < 0.02ug/ml, Ba < 0.15mg/ml (N20/Acetylene)
Detection Limit Cu < 0.004ug/ml
Repeatability Cu < 0.7% (Air/Acetylene Flame)
Ba < 1.0% (Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene Flame)
Burner heads Titanium Alloy
Nebuliser High efficiency glass, Acid proof available as an option
Pre-mix Chamber Corrosion Resistant
Atomiser Selection Automatic changeover (AAS-4200),
Manual (AAS-3800)
Safety Features Burner identification, Flame Sensor, Gas Leak Sensor, Low Gas Pressure Sensor, Drain Trap Sensor, Power Loss Protection
Graphite Furnace Analysis
Graphite Head Transversally Heated
Temperature Range Ambient – 3000°C
Heating Program Up to 10 steps. Drying, Ashing, Atomisation, Cleaning
Feedback Voltage and Optical temperature control feedback
Sensitivity (Cu) 50ng/ml Absorption > 0.40Abs
Detection Limit Cd < 0.004ng/ml
Repeatability Cu < 2.0%, Cd < 2.0%
Graphite Tubes Pyrolytically Coated with Platform
Sample Size Up to 20ul
Graphite Cooling Water Circulator Available
Safety Features Argon Pressure Sensor, Water Flow Sensor, Over Temperature Sensor, Broken Tube Protection
Data Processing
PC System PC, Windows Operating System
Operating Program AA Win 3.0 software
Analytical Methods Flame AA, Flame AE, Graphite Furnace, Hydride Generation
Readout Mode Continuous, Peak Height, Peak Area
Calibrations Multi-Standard Calibration, Standard Addition, Interpolation
Data Storage Analytical results, instrument and measurement parameters, signal profile, calibration curve
Power Requirements
Main Unit 220VAC  50/60Hz
Graphite Power Supply 220VAC  50/60Hz Instantaneous power 7KW
Main unit 110cm x 54cm x 54cm 75Kg
Graphite Power Supply 50cm x 54cm x 54cm 70Kg

AA-Win Pro Software is a powerful and intuitive software product designed to allow control and data acquisition from the AAS-4200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

The AA-Win Pro software allows the Analyst to control all aspects of their analytical method while providing an extensive range of tools for data collection, storage and interpretation.

The software interface consists of three key workareas, whilst having toolbars to access many others. These work areas allow the user to view real-time signal acquisition, up-to-date display of calibration curves and a flexible sample table.

Lamp turret setup, operating and warm-up currents, along with the desired analytical wavelength are easily selected in the configuration.


Qty Item
1 Main unit
1 AAS-4200 Instruction Manual
1 Cook Book
1 Safety Manual
1 System validation document
1 Data coded Air/Acetylene burner
1 Glass Nebuliser
8 Hollow cathode Lamp Holders
2 Power Cables
1 Gas Tubing Air
1 Gas Tubing Acetylene
1 Drain Trap and Tubing
1 Tool Kit
1 Various gas Fittings
10 Graphite tubes
1 Gas Tubing Argon
1 Connection Cable (graphite)
1 Pipette
1 bag Pipette Tips

Necessary Optional Accessories that can be used with AAS-4000

Part Number


Name & Description


Hydride Generator

  • Universal design

  • Full reaction cycle from press of start button

  • Supplied with temperature controlled heated absorption cell

  • Cell is easily installed with burner attachment

  • Can be used for Mercury cold vapour analysis

  • Sensitivity for most elements <lng/mi

  • Only 2.0mi – 2.5ml per sample required

  • RSD < 3%

  • Quick analysis < 30 seconds per measurement


Air Compressor

  • Rated discharge presure: 0.3Mpa

  • Output Rate: 0.3-0.9m3/h (adjustable)

  • Noise: smaller than 55dB

  • Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz

  • Dimension:400x300x620(mm)

  • Ambient Condition: ambient temperature less than 35°C Relative humidity less than 80%


Hollow Cathode Lamp

  • Sharp line source

  • About 5000 milliampere-hours

Second Optional Accessories (Depends on demand)

Part Number


Name & Description

Auto F-4000

Flame Auto Sampler

  • Analysis of 50 or more sample and calibration standards


Water Circulator

  • Cooling capacity 2000W

  • Temperature range 0-50°C

  • Temperature accuracy 1°C

  • Maximum input power 1000W

  • Fuse 10A

  • Power 220V 50 Hz

  • Work Pressure 0~0.6 MPa

  • Rated flow rate 3.5L/min

  • Rated lift 10M

  • Tank capacity 32L

  • Noisiness <65

  • Dimension (LxWxH) 600x400x900

  • Weight 50Kg

Optional Accessories

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